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Welcome to my webpage for
Ryoga Hibiki
The Eternal Lost Boy!

("How dare they make a mockery of Ryoga Hibiki?!! They won't get away with this!!!")
Hello, and welcome to my page dedicated to Ryoga, my favorite fictional "eternal lost boy" (I have to say fictional because I know at least one real one, you know who you are). In any case, Ryoga is (in my humble opinion) the best male character in Rumiko Takahashi's anime/manga series Ranma 1/2

Who is Ryoga Hibiki?
Instead of having me writing another character profile (which, knowing me, won't be that great), let me refer you to various character profiles already on the web, most of which look really spiffy with nifty pictures and such and will give you all the character info you could possibly want to know.
Where am I?

Ryoga Hibiki + Ukyou Kuonji
Interesting Possiblilties?
(Yes, I did make a page for this)
Are you on a virtual pilgrimage in search of Ryoga shrines? Or maybe you're tracking down the lost boy himself (good luck) in search of revenge? Well, either way, there are some Ryoga shrines and webpages you might find of interest:
The Ryoga Hibiki "You know you've been watching/reading too much Ranma 1/2 when..." list reprinted from the Ranma 1/2 library (edited for typos and repeats)

Sick of reading fanfics just about how Ranma and Akane live happily ever after? Want to see Ryoga happy for once or otherwise? Here are some good Ryoga fanfics and fanfic lists to check out:
Looking for audio clips of Ryoga's famous lines and not-so-witty (but oh-so-fun) quips?
Remember this page (and just about all of my pages) are still under contruction. There should be more coming, it's just a matter of when.
Hear ye! Hear ye! I've just made a small gallery of Ryouga manga scans!
Also, of course, here are links to other (much better) Ryoga image galleries
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Last updated: 23 August 1999

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