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Ryoga Hibiki's
"You know you've been watching/reading too much Ranma 1/2 when..."

Most of the entries on this list are reprinted with permission from the Ranma 1/2 Library

Also, visit the lists of the Ranma 1/2 Gallery

" start sharpening your teeth into fangs and wearing a checkered headband."
".. you give yourself the Ryoga Hibiki award for getting lost when losing the way walking home from the local elementary school (maybe 2 or 3 blocks away?)"
" start wishing you could turn into a kawaii little black piglet so you can get closer to the girl you love."
"...your pet is named P Chan."
" find nothing strange about wearing an infinite bandanna supply."
" keep breaking your index finger practicing the Bakusai Tenketsu on brick walls."
"... you're content to live your life as someone's pet pig."
" see a kid you don't like, start calling him Ranma, and challenge him to a fight -- but it takes you 4 weeks to get to the fighting ground."
" can't ask the girl you like out on a date with out getting nervous and causing major property damage. "
" yell Bakusai Tenketsu and point your finger, thinking that the nearby rock will explode."
" take off your headband, and you keep taking it off, and off, and off..."
" go out to get milk and end up in South Africa. "
"'re upset when you can't cut things with your belt."
"...bandannas become a personal icon."
" don't eat pork and it's not because you're Jewish."
" try to make your canine teeth grow out to be fangs because Ryoga looks so cool with 'em. "
" touch something and it explodes."
" feel the need to get a license to carry an umbrella."
"...continental drift has new meaning for you."
" ask an old woman to tie you in a tree and to push large boulders toward you.."
"...people from faraway places see you regularly (you're always lost somewhere over there)"
" leave holes in the wall wherever you go!"
" often find yourself in remote areas screaming  "Where the hell am I now?!!!"
" tremble at the thought of pork chops."
" fall in love with Ryoga and start hating Akane and Akari..."
" start throwing umbrellas all over the place."
"...the sight of a girl's cleavage gives you nosebleeds."
" start bringing an umbrella to school everyday and won't take off those darn plastic fangs..."
" start splashing guys with cold water just to see if they'll turn into a little black pig."
" can't look at a pork chop or bacon without suffering from a major panic atack."
"...the person you've had a grudge against for the last few years doesn't even remember who you are when you finally catch up to him."
"...even cabbage has more sense than you."
"...most of what you wear can be turned into a weapon of some sort."
" can't find your way to your own back yard."
"...-you yell "Shishi Hokodan!" and fling your arms at something in hopes that all the pain will go away..."
" start giving any Asian pot-bellied pigs you meet really weird looks."
"... you wonder what Asuza was thinking... "Charlotte"?"
" try tying one hundred steel-plated combat bandannas to your head and fail miserably."
" expect your dog to bring you letters."
"...whenever you're feeling overwhelmed, you scream "RANMA! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!"
" tense up in the cafeteria because you're expecting someone to jump on your head at any moment."
" think the person asking you for directions wears a black-and-yellow bandanna and is starting to grow fangs." 
" grab people and shake them, asking "Where is (name of place)?" when you're standing two feet away from it."
" want Rand and McNally to feel your wrath. (Rand-McNally makes maps. Duh.)"
" look very closely at everything large and white because it might just be a giant sumo pig."
" worry about taking off your belt too rapidly because it might slice your pants off."
" need detailed directions to get to the bathroom. In your own house."
" keep asking people how to get to either the Tendo Dojo or Furinkan High School"
"...when you're working a maze, you scream "Bakesai Tenketsu!" and draw a line through three of the walls."
"... you coat your hands with nitroglycerin so you can do a REAL Blasting Point Technique."
"... you start wondering how Ryouga can be so upbeat all the time."
" wonder what Ryouga would be like on Prozac: "Ranma! Buddy!"
" start watching Dracula films and expecting the words "Shishi Hokodan" to figure into the plot at some point."
" buy a cute little bandanna for your pet pig."
" decide to lead-plate your umbrella."
"... you find yourself in the middle of the forest (or desert, or tundra) for no apparent reason."
" can cross large bodies of water without knowing it."
"... you start trying to translate what your cute little pet pig is trying to tell you."
"...everytime it rains you scream "BWEEEEE!!!"
" wish Ty Inc. would hurry up and make a little black Beanie Baby piglet."
"'ve been banned from your county fair for pouring hot water on all the black pot belly pigs."
" spend an entire day searching for a yellow pattern with black rectangles for your headbands."
" start wishing _your_ depression could blast mile-wide holes in the earth, too."
"...umbrellas are starting to get heavy."
"'s been several months since you've been outside you're house and you're beginning to wonder if there is a front door at all"
" are surprised to learn that Brazil and Cameroon are actually seperated by a large body of water."
"...despite the fact that you are not Jewish, you see some merit in being kosher."
" suffer major blood-loss at the first glimpse of cleavage."
" wonder, 'How did all these French, Basque, Swahili, and Greenlandic gaijin get in the suburbs of Nerima?'"
"... you leave work/school every day saying, "This is last time you'll see me. Goodbye forever."
" give directions to your house, they are so vague the friends never arrive."
" must ask a hated enemy to bring you home..."
"...every time your mind wanders, you find yourself thinking of Akane"
" squeal whenever you get close to someone you love."
" entered a walk-in closet and haven't been seen since."
" force your boyfriend to wear yellow and black bandannas, which you have developed a fetish for."

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