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Ukyou Kuonji's
"You know you've been watching/reading too much Ranma 1/2 when..." list

Many of the entries on this list were taken from the Ranma 1/2 Library Go see their original "...too much Ranma 1/2" lists

Also, visit the lists of the Ranma 1/2 Gallery

"... you feel you must carry around a cooking spatula every where you go (just in case you need it)!"
" feel the urge to dress up like a boy like Ukyou Kuonji, and if you're a boy you pretend to be a girl dressed like a guy!"
 " want to have hair like Ukyou...."
 "... you use spatulas for figthing instead of cooking."
"... you call everyone a jackass or refer to guys as " Ranma, honey."
"... you use food ingredients for fighting instead of cooking."
" address everyone, whether you like them or not, as "sugar" or "honey" because you want to be as sweet as Ukyo!"
"... you start painting messages on the food you eat."
"... you start to carry a big cooking spade every where you go, and wear a big white bow on your head (even though you're a boy!)"
" know you've been into Ranma 1/2 too much when every time you go to a hardware store to buy a snow shovel, you immediately think of that big spatula that Ukyou carries around with her."
" wonder if Ukyou would go for a guy like yourself."
" replace the carpeting in your house with Ukyo's non-stick cooking surface."
" own a large ring-shaped non-stick cooking surface"
"...your home security system involves the use of rubber cement laced batter and tempura flakes mixed with  gunpowder"
"... you jump at anything vaguely resembling an okonomiyaki."
"... you consider spatulas to be effective weapons."
"... you decide that eating okonomiyaki everyday is no big deal."
"... you think it's normal to deny one's gender for 10 years."
" dress like a girl to get this girl dressed like a guy."
"... you think flour makes nice bombs."
"... you actually sit down and figure out how many okonomiyakis Ukyou makes."
"... you pace up and down your room at 3 in the morning reasoning to yourself why Ukyou should NOT belong to Ranma, why Ryouga is better and cursing Akari at every turn."
" start seeing her behind every pizza counter."

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