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Top Ten Reasons Why Ukyou's the Best Fiancee Reprinted from Ucchan's Audio Okonomyaki

10) She doesn't have to trick Ranma into going on a date
9) She has a much cuter voice actress
8) She looks cute in men or women's clothing
7) She has money in case Nabiki decides to hold an auction
6) Anyone can cook Ramen, Ukyo makes the best okonomyaki
5) Ucchan is a much "cuter" name than being named after a hair-care product
4) She OWNS her own restaurant, she doesn't work for her great grandmother
3) She's smart enough to use a door
2) She listens instead of sending you into orbit
.....and the #1 reason why Ukyou's the best fiancee....

One word: Spatula.

Last Updated: 25 July 1999