All these are scans I made and edited myself taken from volume 12 of the manga series Ranma 1/2 (It just happens to be the only one I own).  As you can tell, so far they are either of Ryoga, Ukyou, or both.

Ryoga, Ukyou, and all other characters as well as the series Ranma 1/2 was created and is the property of Rumiko Takahashi. No copyrighy infringement intended.

Last Updated: 25 August 1999

Ryoga Hibiki   Back to top
ryo_angst1.JPG  Typical unhappy Ryouga headshot
ryo_fight1.JPG  Ryouga charging at Ranma headshot
ryo_fight2.JPG  Ryouga charging downwards at Ranma headshot
ryo_shock.JPG  Ryouga looking rather shocked headshot

Ukyou Kuonji   Back to top
uk_blast.JPG  Ukyou shielding herself from the force of Ranma's Hiryu Shoten Ha (Dragon Punch)
uk_cook1.JPG  Ukyou breaking an egg over her portable grill
uk_mad1.JPG  A pissed-off Ukyou standing over a freshly pounded Happosai-as-a-flying-squirrel
uk_smile1.JPG  Smiling Ukyou with mega spatula

Ryouga and Ukyou (in any context)Back to top
rnu_backlook.JPG  A shot from behind of Ryouga and Ukyou looking up from the bottom left corner of the frame
rnu_hesgone.JPG  Ukyou and Ryouga notice the disappearance of Ranma and Akane respectively.  Cologne is also in the picture.
rnu_lookleft.JPG  Ryouga and Ukyou, holding beaten Happosai in flying squirrel thing,  looking at something off the picture
rnu_lookup.JPG  Ukyou, Genma, Cologne, and Ryouga looking very shocked 
rnu_mallet.JPG  Ukyou sends Ryoga back to dreamland with a quick flick of her mallet
rnu_nightmare.jpg  Ukyou tends to a very injured Ryouga
rnu_trash.JPG  Ryouga after landing after being hit by Ranma's Dragon Punch (Hiryu shoten ha). Genma: Is it trash? Ukyou: That ain't trash! It's Ryoga!


Last Updated: 25 August 1999