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Ryoga and Ukyo: 2-gether, 4-ever!

(What? I'm not allowed to make one stupid joke? Someone had to say it!)

Surprise! This page is still under construction as well!
(As if you couldn't tell)

A page of really convincing logic on why these to should be together
Ye olde list of amusing reasons for this pairing
NB: The 2 pages above are ones I intend to write eventually. I also plan to make spiffy icons to use for the links. If this takes a while it's because I have too much work in the real world. (Ack! It's almost September!)

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A short list of good Ryoga and Ukyou fanfics:

More to be added of course

Other Ryoga and Ukyou sites:

Last Updated: 24 August 1999
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